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  • Scientific Discovery Needs Cooperation not Isolation

    "Collaboration has long been key to scientific discovery and innovation, in both academia and industry. "

  • Time to Tackle Global Food Crisis

    Facing these challenges and difficulties, global solutions are needed now more than ever.

  • U.S.: Top Threat to Global Cyber Security

    In early September the U.S. conducted cyber attack on Northwest Polytechnical University (NPU) in west China's Shannxi province.

  • The So-called Debt Trap Is Propaganda with Ulterior Motives

    China is providing huge loans and financial support to the developing countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, mainly for highways, railways, deep sea ports and other infrastructure.

  • New Chapter for Cooperation with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

    Over the past two decades, the two countries have always upheld the "Shanghai spirit."

  • China's Manufacturing Remains Vibrant

    China has seized its opportunity with both hands, racing to emerge as the world's biggest manufacturer.

  • U.S. Sci-tech Hegemony Will Not Succeed

    Again, the U.S. is trying to limit China's access to technology using so-called concern over national security as an excuse.

  • Active Role Needed by U.S. in SDGs

    The U.S. government should be fully aware of its responsibilities, and abandon the deglobalized cold war mentality and zero-sum thinking.

  • Global Energy Supply Needs Chinese Solar Industry

    Renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines will dominate the energy supply in the future.

  • Offshore Wind Capacity Powering Ahead

    China is now the world's largest offshore wind market by far, reported WFO.

  • China Remains Top Destination for Foreign Companies

    The fact is that most foreign companies don't want to cut ties with China or they don't want to quit the Chinese market.

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