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  • 10 Years Review: Advances in Management of Natural Resources

    Over the past ten years, thanks to the improvement of governance and the support of science and technology, China has made progress in the protection of forests and grassland, and the more efficient utilization of mineral resources, as well as the restoration of the country's ecological environment.

  • 30%: China Contributes to Global Economy Growth

    The average annual growth rate of China's GDP between 2013 and 2021 reached 6.6 percent, contributing to more than 30 percent of the world's economy growth on average.

  • What's Special about Chinese Feitian Spacesuit

    Feitian is a micro manned spacecraft and it acts as the armor for astronauts to perform EVAs.

  • Hetao Irrigation District: Long History of Nourishing People

    Situated in Bayannur city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Hetao Irrigation District covers one of the most significant ancient irrigation areas in the Yellow River basin. It is 250 kms long and 50 kms wide, covering an irrigation area of 733,333 hectares of farmlands.

  • SCO Boosts Common Development

    In fact, in decades' time, the SCO has grown into a major force for common development in the region and beyond. More than 30 cooperation projects have been implemented in terms of trade, legal service, health and poverty alleviation, bearing fruitful results that benefit people of all countries.

  • Internet in China: Cyberspace Improving Lives

    From dial-up connections at home, to wireless connection on top of Mount Qomolangma, China has witnessed the rapid progress of the Internet over the past years, especially in the last decade.

  • New Progress in Lunar Exploration

    The production of Chang'e-6, part of the Phase Four tasks of the China Lunar Exploration Program (CLEP), has been basically completed, according to Liu Jizhong, director of China Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center on September 10.

  • Ziquejie Terraces Stands the Test of Time

    Located in Hunan province, South Central China, Ziquejie Terraces are built on hills with an altitude ranging from 500m-1200m and surface slope varying between 25°- 40°. Enjoying an average annual precipitation of 1643 mm, the area is rich in water resources. The lack of plains at Ziquejie forced early inhabitants to chisel hills into terraces around the 10th century AD.

  • Beijing Making Metaverse Experience into Reality

    Metaverse has become a focus of attention since 2021. Currently, it is integrating with multiple industries, and has become an important force to reshape the global industrial structure and promote industrial development.

  • China's High-speed Rail Makes Monumental Advances

    China's high -speed rail (HSR) has undergone a process from acquisition, adoption and re -innovation to independent innovation and now China has risen to be the world leader in HSR technology.

  • China's R&D Expenditure Hits New High in 2021

    China's R&D expenditure continued to grow rapidly in 2021, and its R&D in basic research reached a new record, according to government figures.

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